While most Silicon Valley law firms and their attorneys providing legal services in real estate law also practice in many other areas such as family law, probate, personal injury, etc., Mike Hogan does not, he has only one focus —- California real estate law. This keen focus allows San Jose real estate attorney Mike Hogan to devote his efforts solely to the complexities of California real estate law, and how best to provide legal advisory, alternative dispute resolution (mediation/arbitration), and litigation services to his clientele. It’s Mike’s specialized real estate law expertise (Attorney Profile) and strong commitment to each client’s real estate problems which sets him apart from other attorneys.

Property Use and Development Applications & Approvals

In California, land is highly valued and its use tightly controlled. Zoning laws, environmental issues, profitable property development, and many other concerns can delay or even prohibit planned development of a project to the point where it is no longer profitable. Getting the requisite approvals as quickly as possible is critical to the success of a real estate project. San Jose real estate attorney Mike Hogan can represent you through this complex and often difficult process. Areas of practice include:

      See also: Design & Construction Issues

• Environmental Applications/Approvals (CEQA)
• Administrative Proceeding & Hearing Appearances
• Zoning Applications/Approvals
• Rezoning Applications/Approvals
• Planned Use Development (PUD) Applications/Approvals
• Use Permit Applications/Approvals
• Condominium Conversion Applications/Approvals
• Occupancy Permit Applications/Approvals
• General Plan Amendment Applications/Approvals
• Subdivision Map Act Application/Approvals
• Other Related Applications/Approvals

When Disputes  Arise: 
Represents You in Alternative Dispute Resolution or Litigation

The first thing you need to know when confronting a legal dispute is where you stand in relation to the other parties. San Jose real estate lawyer Mike Hogan will give you an honest and realistic evaluation of your rights and responsibilities as well as the associated risks so that you fully understand the legal ramifications of your particular situation, including your chances of success.

Although litigation is always an option, it should be one of last resort as it is often the most expensive path to resolution. Instead, with your consent, Mike first seeks out a negotiated settlement to your dispute through negotiation and, if necessary, use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration which often provide quicker and more cost effective dispute resolution when compared to litigation.

In the event that negotiation and alternative dispute resolution fail, leaving litigation as the only means to resolution, it is critical that it be done with the services of an aggressive attorney, one who will relentlessly represent your interests. San Jose real estate lawyer Mike Hogan will provide you with such representation.

Typical Areas  of Dispute Involving Property Use & Development

San Jose real estate attorney Mike Hogan can represent you in all areas of real estate law including issues and disputes centered around property use and development. Areas of practice include:

      See also: Design & Construction Issues

• Subdivision Map Act Issues/Violations
• California Environmental Quality Act Violations (CEQA)
• Regulatory & Policy Interpretations • General Plan Violations
• Compliance Analysis • Easement & Right of Way Issues
• Encroachment Issues • See also Environmental Issues
• Zoning Law Issues/Violations • Property Development Right Issues
• Rezoning Issues • Boundary Issues
• Allowable Use Issues/Violations • Trespass Issues
• Land Use Regulations/Violations • Neighbor Issues
• Use Permit Issues/Violations • Nuisance Issues
• Occupancy Issues/Violations • Water Right Issues
• Other Related Issues

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