The San Jose real estate law office of Mike Hogan provides fast and affordable eviction services . The saying that Time is money is frightfully meaningful when it becomes necessary to evict a problem tenant. A landlord who doesn’t aggressively move to evict its tenant falls prey to the tenant who manipulates the law to their advantage and prolongs their occupancy. The longer the tenant remains in possession, the more money the landlord loses. We understand the games tenants play and effectively deal with them by acting rapidly and decisively in the execution of the eviction process.

We will always keep you informed at every step of the process, while minimizing the stress to you.

• One Stop Service
• Fast and affordable
• Stress-Free (you avoid angry confrontations with the problem tenant)
• All required paperwork prepared and served
• Unlawful Detainer prepared and filed
• All court forms prepared and delivered
• Licensed attorney prepares and processes all evictions
    (not a paralegal or Unlawful Detainer Assistant)

Our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry

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