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Often, buyers and sellers reach agreement on the sale of real property without the services of a real estate agent/broker. Because the sale of property is a complex matter and generally involves significant amounts of money, it is all the more prudent to seek out legal advisory services to avoid issues or disputes which could develop into future legal problems.

San Jose real estate attorney Mike Hogan provides legal advisory services regarding For Sale By Owner transactional issues and disputes. Mike is more than an attorney who is keenly focused and knows real estate law, heís also been a licensed real estate broker for more than 25 years with transactional experience as a residential and commercial real estate broker. He has been involved in more than 600 residential real estate transactions including single family homes and apartment buildings. His commercial real estate experience includes transactions in office, warehouse, manufacturing, and R & D properties located throughout the U.S. and internationally (Scotland, Netherlands, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan). San Jose real estate lawyer Mike Hoganís qualifications and experience as both a real estate broker and real estate attorney make him superbly qualified to assist you with your For Sale By Owner transaction including the purchase agreement, disclosure preparation, or with any other issues or disputes which may arise.

Two For Sale By Owner Assistance Programs
The real estate law office of Mike Hogan provides two distinct methods of assistance
to For Sale By Owner buyers and sellers. They are:

Hourly Fee Basis --- For Sale By Owner Advisory Services
This option is best used by For Sale By Owner buyers and sellers who are relatively knowledgeable about the nuances of a real estate purchase and sale transaction.
They understand the process and only require minimal guidance within specific
isolated areas.

Flat Fee --- For Sale By Owner Consulting Package
This option is best used by For Sale By Owner buyers and sellers who are not knowledgeable about the details of a real estate purchase and sale transaction.
Instead, they will require ongoing guidance throughout the transactional process.

For Sale By Owner --
Flat Fee Consulting Package: $3,950

The following services are offered to For Sale By Owner buyers and sellers on a flat fee basis:

Pre-Qualify Buyer
    • We pre-qualify the buyer to confirm he can qualify for a home loan.

Estimate of Closing Costs
    • We prepare estimates of closing costs for both buyer and seller.

Open Escrow
    • We open escrow with a local escrow/title company.

Escrow Management
    • We manage, coordinate, and correspond with the escrow/title
       company throughout the escrow process and up through close
       of escrow.

Negotiate Terms of Sale
    • We review all offers from buyer’s agents and negotiate with them for        maximum price and best terms of sale.

Contract Preparation
    • If the buyer has no agent and is unable to prepare a written offer
       (i.e.; he doesn’t know how) we will prepare the buyer’s offer for
       him/her. After the buyer and seller reach a preliminary agreement
       on the purchase price, Mike Hogan will meet with both buyer and
       seller, negotiate all other terms with the buyer, and then prepare
       a written purchase agreement for buyer and seller signature       

Disclosure Preparation
    • We prepare all legally required disclosures, and order all required
       reports including, environmental and tax disclosures, title report,
       CC&Rs, and homeowner association documents (if applicable)
       for delivery to the buyer.

Property Inspection Review & Advice
    • We assist the seller in the inspection process, including review
       of all inspection reports and making recommendations.

Contingency Removals
    • We review and then negotiate with the buyer all contingency removal        terms for the property inspection contingency, appraisal contingency,
       loan contingency, etc. If the buyer has no agent, we will also prepare
       contingency removal documents for the buyer.

Unlimited Consultation
    • We provide unlimited consultation to both the seller and buyer
       (i.e.; if buyer has no agent) through the entire transaction.

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